College subscription and registration information

Registration Unit in college is responsible for the follow-up processes to accept new students in the Faculty of Materials Engineering. The first step to join the faculty is to go to the registration unit's headquarters in college to take a full description of how to register and hand over all needed documents. you can also contact the administration if you were facing any problems through the Email of the college. All Emails addresses are found on the network of the University of Babylon, page of network addresses.

Documents needed for registration

  • 1-Document of Preparatory study, should be presented in a sealed envelope.
  • 2-Medical examination form, should be presented in a sealed envelope.
  • 3-A guarantee certified from legal affairs in the college.
  • 4-A receipt of admission to Iraqi universities and institutions.
  • 5-Ration card of the current year.
  • 6-Residency card and residency confirmation.
  • 7-Iraqi Nationality Certificate.
  • 8-Civil identification.
  • 9-10 Pictures
  • 10-Students card.
  • 11-Card of participation in the central exam.

Higher and lower rates of the college

  • 1- Highest rate : 85.428
  • 2- Lowest rate : 81.857