Speech of Faculty Dean


In the name of God the most gracious the most merciful

Faculty of Materials Engineering was founded in 2007 and it is growing and evolving constantly.When the Faculty was founded, it had two departments Metallurgical Engineering and non-ferrous materials Engineering. Now the faculty is more specialized as it has three departments Department of Minerals Engineering , Department of polymers engineering and petrochemical industries and the department of ceramics engineering and construction materials.

We hope in the near future to develop other sections like Department of Production Engineering and Industrial Processes and Department of Nanotechnology. vision and mission of the college consider it as one of the leading specialized colleges that aims to create a generation of engineers deals with the traditional and nontraditional engineering materials. The faculty mimic the edges of science in the world as it is also concerned with everything related to materials engineering from designing, industrializing, innovating and selecting . The faculty aims to create qualified engineers with skills and enable them to practice their knowledge in order to promote the level of industry in the country. The faculty provides its services for the labor market as the specialization fits with needs of the industrial sectors.

The college aims to create engineers of different fields and provide engineering consulting beside opening channels of communication with other colleges within and outside the country. developing scientific research, embracing Competencies, opening graduate studies, expanding the College, consolidating the moral concepts and introducing nanotechnology to the industrial field.The Faculty of Materials Engineering at the University of Babylon provides suitable environment for students, professors and staff to expand their knowledge and scientific potential through providing scientific laboratories.The Department of Metallurgical includes Engineering Labs like : resistance, metals, thermal treatment, metal forming and plasticity, corrosion, designing, mechanical metallurgy, welding, plumbing, and laboratory of metalworking.

The Department of ceramics engineering and construction materials include the following laboratories: Advanced ceramic, traditional ceramic, building materials, soil, cement and concrete, as well as laboratory of thermo. Department of Polymer engineering and petrochemical industries includes the following laboratories: Mechanical Behavior of polymers, flexible materials, organic chemistry, as well as laboratory of polymers.The college also has to provide laboratories with the latest equipment from a famous origin and that keep pace with scientific progress. Among these equipment are electronically scanning microscope (SEM.) And a X-ray diffraction (XRD) and a fluorescence-ray (XRF). The faculty equipped the laboratories with equipment in a period not exceeding two years from its foundation. In order to complete college approach in creating a scientific environment, the college Held its first international scientific conference under the title(Engineering Materials a basic foundation for Development) and the Second International Scientific Conference under the title (Materials Engineering basic foundation to build Iraq and its scientific and industrial development.with the participation of many researchers from various universities in Iraq and researchers from Arab and foreign countries.