College Mission

The college of materials engineering studies all the things related to engineering materials like designing, manufacturing, creating, and selecting. The college provides the private and public sector with a well-qualified cadres able to fulfill the needs of both sectors.

College vision

The college aims to create a generation of engineers deals with the traditional and nontraditional engineering materials. The faculty mimic the edges of science in the world as it is also concerned with everything related to materials engineering from designing, industrializing, innovating and selecting. The college is specialized in minerals engineering, ceramics engineering, instruction materials and polymers engineering, and petrochemicals engineering. The college works to open advanced new departments like micro engineering and smart materials.

College Objectives

It is known there is a deep connection between ultrastructure of materials and the general characteristics like mechanical, thermo, and corrosion resistance. The rapid developments in the fields of space and military, engineering and medical manufacturing need special engineering materials. So, the college is keen to prepare a well-qualified cadre able to perform in different fields. able to doing their works within metallurgical