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Speech of Mr. Faculty Dean

Faculty of Materials Engineering was founded in 2007 and it is growing and evolving constantly.When the Faculty was founded, it had two departments Metallurgical Engineering and ,  ......Read more

About the College

The college of engineering is founded in April 2007 and it is connected with the college of engineering/ Babylon university which was founded in 1993. When the college was founded it had only two departments:

  • 1-minerals engineering department.
  • 2-none ferrous materials department
Today, the college has three departments:
  • 1-Minerals engineering department.
  • 2-Ceramics and construction materials department
  • 3-Petrochemical and polymers engineering department.

The college accepted 140 students in 2007 and 286 students in 2013 divided as 142 students in the morning studies and 126 students in the evening studies. As for after graduate studies students they are 53 students now in the research stage and 29 in the preparation stage.